I am settled into ItacarĆ©, Brazil. I came here after my Ayahuasca retreat at Spirit Vine which is pretty close by and this is small surfer town and it’s very chill. I found a Yoga Instructor and she’s absolutely lovely, we meet up on the beach at 4 p.m. (most days) she is very accommodating to your Yoga needs. It’s also very easy to find, I was a little worried the first day but once you get to the beach you can’t miss it, there are signs everywhere! She’s a beautiful Argentinean who has lived in England and also Brazil, and she is fluent in Spanish (Castellano), Portuguese, English and French. I am always trying to learn new styles and techniques in yoga as I will soon be embarking on my own Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand (February 2016, it’s very exciting) and Milly is very soothing and I like the way she teaches. She is definitely an awesome yoga inspiration. šŸ™‚

One thing I found really helpful is her guidance on how to breathe properly. I already have the flexibility but that’s more from dance and gymnastics so I found this really helpful and helped me focus. She makes you connect with the sound of the waves crashing in the ocean and it helps you breathe with ease. She’ll even come and breathe in your ear which makes it even easier. She will teach to your level and in your language, I’ve even done a mixed class that was half English and Portuguese, but she mixes the two so you’ll follow everything with ease. We’ve practiced together several times and I’m learning new techniques and she’s now assisting me advance in some of my poses, such as opening my shoulders more in the crow pose, which is actually something I needed and wanted. And her voice is so soothing, that when we are finishing up our time together, I fall into a deep meditation and almost fall asleep at the end of our elastic band session. Inhale love… exhale the shit you don’t need… meditate and try not to fall asleep! Keeping it zen on the beach.

I asked her if I could film her classes and she willingly agreed. I was not really prepared the first time so we only got the first few minutes before my memory card was full but we will be doing it more and I will be posting them respectively. However it shows the warm sequence and how we breathe and connect to our bodies, to the sounds of the ocean and to our surroundings. It brings a whole new understanding to the meaning of Namaste (we are one) which is something I believe most people don’t really consider when it comes to health. It’s more than body, mind and soul. We are deeply connected to nature and our surrounding, which means people, places and things.

I took some of the beginning out because although it’s important to do, it’s boring to watch. I will be posting more of the videos as we make them. Now will be theĀ first of several. If anyone is in ItacarĆ©, Brasil I highly recommend her.


It’s an awesome deal, here is your basic info:

Location: Resende Beach (first beach once leaving Pituba, there are signs everywhere on the beach, you can’t miss it)

Cost: 25 reales for 1 1/2 hours

Time: 4 p .m.

Contact: surfyogaitacare@gmail.com and you can always get in touch with her by liking and visiting her Facebook page:Ā Yoga & Surf Itacare Brasil

CLICK HERE to seeĀ a quick video showing us warming up before we move into more difficult poses.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.20.55 AM

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