You Are Invited to Join Me on Your Yoga Journey

People turn to yoga for different reasons, and people often continue or expand their practice in ways they don’t expect, my practice is ever evolving and I invite you to evolve with me.


Angela’s private yoga instruction consists of three or more personalized sessions in the privacy of your home, chosen studio or at a location agreeable to us both. Yoga is very unique and private or semi-private classes are tailored to meet the (physical, emotional and spiritual needs) of the students as well as to fit their schedules. Yoga is a journey in pursuit of self-discovery, understanding and even mastery as you deepen your practice and really allow the breathing techniques, meditation, grounding, strengthening and philosophy sink in on a subconscious level, ultimately causing positive conscious shifts in your life, however it is not a journey one can travel in a night.

I am honoured to help you on your yoga journey, whether it be you wanting to embark on it as a new beginning or to deepen your existing practice. The Yoga journey is not about striking a pose, it is about healing and expansion and the benefits of private classes is that it allows for your personal practice to excel as your are guided through customized experiences tailored to your goals and needs. Private instruction includes an initial consultation and assessment of your goals to complement your yoga sessions which include specific yoga poses with hands-on adjustments, breath work, guided meditation, philosophy and refreshments provided by Kindred Kitchens


3 classes – $225

6 classes – $400

10 classes – $600

For availability, location, and booking, please contact me.

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