We are excited to announce that The Foodtopian will be making regular contributions to our Adventures with Food.  We first found the Foodtopian online and followed his healthful and mouthwatering dishes for months, needless to say we are ecstatic to be able to share them with you on this blog. To know a little bit more about the Foodtopian, his motives and his food philosophy we’ve decided to feature him for you to find out.


Who is the Foodtopian?

Luis Medina is 21 years old and currently enrolled in the graduate food studies program at New York University in NYC. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and works as a financial analyst during the day while attending school at night. Luis has a passion for wholesome food and wants to help people who feel trapped by our highly processed food system. He feels that a lot of people do not know enough about where their food comes from. Additionally, he feels that people are so overwhelmed and confused by manipulative marketing by the food industry and a slew of conflicting information about what we should and should not eat that food no longer becomes pleasurable. He wants to raise awareness and help people make informative decisions about the food they eat while making positives changes in today’s increasingly globalized and complex food system.


What motivated you to start your Foodtopia?

A few years ago I began taking an interest in nutrition and how the food we eat affects our bodies. With this, I began researching the health of modern American society and the current state of our food system. The more I read, the angrier and more frustrated I became. Everything I discovered, from our dependence on synthetic chemicals in agriculture to the implementation of genetically engineered crops without adequate study to the overly processed “food,” void of real nutrition and loaded with a slew of additives, salt, sugar, and fat, became incredibly overwhelming! I felt nothing but sadness towards food for a while. Many times I would walk into a supermarket full of people and food and I would feel abandoned. Even the produce section brought a feeling of pity and lameness that I had never experienced before. I was betrayed by food, the very thing that brought the most joy and excitement in my life, and I was lost.

At least, I thought I was betrayed by food, but I realized that was untrue. I realized my problem was with the industry that trivialized the very importance of food in our lives. When I came to this realization, I knew I needed to shed light on what was happening and increase visibility into the food industry that dominates our lives. It is alarming to me how little people know or care about the food that goes into their bodies. It alarms me to think of how ignorant I was for so long! But whether people care or not, everyone at least has the right to know where their food comes from and how it is made.

Why “The Foodtopian?”

Because I believe that progress can be made in reforming our oppressive, industrialized food system. It is possible for every person on this planet to have access to fresh, nutritious food, but to get there, we need to abandon all notions that change is not possible, that this is just the way things are. We must embrace a new way of thinking, a new consciousness. Only then can real change can be made.

Want to find the Foodtopian outside of this blog?

Luis Medina

Instagram: @the_foodtopian [www.instagram.com/the_foodtopian]

Blog: [coming soon] www.thefoodtopian.com

Email: thefoodtopian@gmail.com