Things have been going about at a speed of 100 WTF’s per hour, so it’s very clear to me that I need to stop and breathe and relax a little and just focus on me. However, that needs to wait until I’m on the plane bright and early Friday morning. I don’t travel the way most people, I fly by the seat of my pants but trust that things will work out just as they should. They always seem to. So just to keep this email short and to the point… I’m going to share my itinerary, activities and my intentions for this necessary trip on my horizon. Now that it is December and I’m going away I’m dedicating myself to me and to sharing everything on my blog. I’m going to make it part of a new routine. I might as well get started one month earlier than the rest of the Go Getters who set their intentions for 2016.



My December Adventure: I am leaving for a month for a number of reasons. One is, since as long as I can remember I’ve been so busy it’s hard to really be present. I meditate a lot which helps for the time being but in a sense I also visualize which keeps me in the future. I have recently pushed my body to its potential training extremely intensely for two months in order to compete and be stage ready for the Fitness STAR Model Search and Fitness Competition. After winning and successfully achieving my own personal, physical and professional goals I can tell I am exhausted. I want a break, I feel like it for my sanity. To those who know me well, they also know that I really am guided by my own inner intuition and also by the stars and my numerology.

This is what my Numerology stated for the month of December. To me in seems to describe my inner state of mind perfectly;

Your Personal Month
Personal Month for December 2015 is 52

This month may seem to be an “upset-the-apple-cart” kind of period and could leave you wondering where you’ll land when the dust settles. Your curious mind will be searching for information and absorbing details faster than events can unfold.

Change is a strong aspect, so prepare NOW to deal with some of the emotions that might crop up. If you brace yourself, things will seem a lot easier. You’re going to find you experience a lot of separation from the status quo. Yes, this can be frightening. But trust me, you’re strong enough to handle it!

You may find a lot of your friends moving out of the area to seek opportunities in greener fields. It may be lonely for you right now. As tempting as it may be to follow your friends, DON’T DO IT!

This is NOT the month for you to make any kind of new beginning. Instead, take some time to focus on yourself. “Quiet time” will be a must for you this month.

This is time that can be put to good use for allowing your mind to wander or perhaps reading books on philosophy or religion. Check with other friends who may have experienced similar feelings of change recently to find out what it felt like for them.

These quiet moments will help you begin to pull it together. During this period, you’ll find out what’s REALLY important for you in life. Use this time to question plans and learn from the past.

Until now, finances may have dominated your thoughts and actions. Don’t be surprised if you come out of this month realizing that there are other things in life besides money.

With all the changes going on, it might be hard to keep your mind on your work. You’ll be dealing with a variety of emotions–unhappiness, loneliness, envy at others’ new opportunities, and even fatigue or weariness.

If it’s possible to do so, try to take a vacation to the country or the ocean. During this time, “communing with nature” will help you realize that there are beautiful things to see in spite of your inner turmoil.

Taking a walk in the country or sitting by a lake helps you put things into perspective and gets you off by yourself for more of that “quiet time” I was talking about earlier. If you can’t get away for a longer vacation, try to take a day or weekend to take this kind of a trip.

You’re under the influence of a 52/7 Personal Month (5 + 2 = 7). When I see these number combinations, I know that people under these influences are in a “thinking and searching” mode. This is because the 5 stands for curiosity and change, the 2 covers details, balance and making peace, and the 7 is the number for thinking and searching and reflecting.

Good words to remember this month are EXPECTATIONS, PROPHECY, and RELIGIOUS. If you can follow the action that these words suggest, this month will be a good learning experience for you. You see, they all add up to a numeric value of 52/7, which means they pack a special punch!

On the other hand, do NOT let words such as TREACHEROUS, REVOLUTION, and FRIGHTENS motivate you this month. These words also add up to the numeric value of 52/7. They pack the same punch as the positive words I mentioned above.

During the next month, keep your chin up and that smile on your face! Accept the fact that change and separation are a part of life. They are necessary so you can continue with your own growth.

I have faith in your ability to weather the potential separations and change that will be coming through this month. Believe me, you’re stronger than you think.

So, that being said, Β what’s my Wanderlusting Plan? Well it’s not completely planned but I do have a flight itinerary.

Friday December Β 4th:Β 
Departing Toronto and Flying into Panama where I have a pretty long layover. A friend is driving me there, I am transporting a very big suitcase for him to take to his family in Buenos Aires. Hopefully my baggage gets transferred to my next plane automatically in PTY (Panama CIty). My layover is about 8 hours, that leaves me enough time to get into the city, have some lunch with some friendsΒ I have from when I used to live there and then make it back on time to fly out just after 9 p.m. How am I getting out of the airport and around Panama with the crazy tranke (traffic)? Ni idea… I’m looking into that but I have my ways and I’ll figure something out! Follow me on instagram and you’ll see for yourself. πŸ˜‰

FLIGHT: Copa Airlines 471 Β Time: 7:55
DEPARTURE: Toronto Pearson Intl 04DEC /755A
ARRIVAL: Panama City 04DEC/126P Β  Time: 13:26

Panama City

Casco Viejo, Panama

FLIGHT: Copa Airlines 454 Β Time:Β 21:48
DEPARTURE: Panama City 04DEC /948P
ARRIVAL: Buenos Aires 05DEC/652A Β Time: 6:52

Saturday December Β 4th:Β 
Last night I found this lovely apartment which I will have all to myself in the heart of Buenos Aires. It’s more expensive than some shared accommodations but I need this to myself, to rest, recovery, to meditate and to focus on me. What are my plans thus far for my beloved Buenos Aires? Not sure exactly but I will be doing yoga, acro, dancing Tango. I will be meditating, creating and most importantly focus on my own personal healing which I will share with you (on this blog) why this is so necessary once I am out of here and out of my own country. I am really excited about this. I think sending my love and healing vibrations into the heart of the city, the Paris of Latin America will not only heal me, but help heal the intense vibrations and stress of Buenos Aires. At least this is what I think. We shall see. I found this beautiful apartment for rent last night on AirBnb and my friend Santos, has someone from his family buscandome from the airport to collect the suitcase and drive me to where I need to be. See? Sometimes it’s true, the best things in life are free. πŸ™‚

Bienvenida a Buenos Aires

Friday December Β 11th:
I have rented the apartment until the 11th because I have no idea yet how I am going to make it up to my Ayahuasca retreat in Brazil. However, that’s part of the Adventure! Not knowing… I like to keep myself open and I’m giving myself a few days as leeway just because you never know how the universe will unfold itself to you, what may change or what opportunities may arise. Β The retreat itself is in the North of Brazil. A little far from Buenos Aires I must say… It commences on December 15th and will be a very new and exciting spiritually connecting experience for me. Here’s a little glimpse of the beauty and mystery of my upcoming retreat:


I am spending two weeks in Brazil after the retreat. This means Christmas and New Years down there (I know NYE they wear white so I must pack accordingly). Nothing planned but it’s near a surfers town with cheap rent. Note to self: Sunscreen and LOTS and LOTS of bikinis.

Thursday January 7th:
I am flying into Sau Paulo. I hear it’s a dangerous place so I’m going to make plans with someone, stay safe and dance the night away. Nothing concrete planned or more than this idea in mind but I’ll keep you filled in once I get things more in line.

FLIGHT: Varig-GOL Airlines 2009 Β Time: 15:25
DEPARTURE: Ilheus 07JAN /320P
ARRIVAL: Sao Paulo Guarulhos 07JAN/735P Β Time: 19:35

Friday January 8th:
I am flyingΒ back into Panama for another lengthy but intentional layover that will allow me to see some of the people and my family that I won’t be able to see the first layover because I don’t have time. Thankfully, Panama remembers me and treats me accordingly. #YoAmoPanama


FLIGHT: Copa Airlines 724 Β Time: 6:20
DEPARTURE: Sao Paulo Guarulhos 08JAN /620A
ARRIVAL: Panama City 08JAN/1001A Β Time: 10:01

FridayΒ January 8th:
I am flyingΒ back the same day and arrive at midnight in my Home Sweet Home of Toronto. No idea as of yet, how I’m getting back from there but now you know me… I will figure it out. Can’t wait… just had to make this post and get this adventure share out of way because today is Wanderlust Wednesday!

Enjoy and safe travels!