I wanted to get out of Chiang Mai suddenly so I hopped on a bus to Bangkok. It arrived 2 hours earlier than expected and rather then pay a taxi 500 baht to spend the day in the city (I’m not nuts about Bangkok anyway) I said Fuk-it, I’m going to Pooh-ket.

That 500 baht I saved was well spent, I used it plus an extra 50 baht to travel down to Phuket by bus, allowing my enough time to to charge my laptop, have a coffee and grab some mangos to munch on and then off again on the bus. It was seriously the best bus ride ever… The Thai country side is absolutely beautiful and my numerology said it was a good day to travel, and it was, I luckily was the only one on the bus with two seats to myself, every other seat was resered. I had coffee, tons of cashews and lots of stuff to do. I made jewellery, read my book, did some work without being distracted by the net, journaled, meditated and even had a nap. 🙂

I arrived pretty late in Pooh-ket, without a plan, a destination or even an idea how far I was from the pier. Luckily there was a Thai woman who worked with a travel company waiting/working there and she arranged someone to come and make a booking for me. My plan was to come meet up with my beautiful bikini yogi friend Cindy Bertantino but I travelled 6 hours too far (I think I travelled 28 hours total) so Koh Samui was not an ideal option for me. The man who came helped me with an open ended ticket to from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi and then off to Krabi, the opposite way I travelled on my first Thai Adventure 9 years ago. He also drove me and another guy to a hotel, which was convenient because it reduced the fare by half. I splurged on a private hotel room that night but didn’t really get any benefit from it, I had no time to stretch and barely slept because he got us on the first boat out of Phuket so I was off bright and early to the island. of Koh Phi Phi. I was planning on staying one night then off to Krabi then Koh Samui to spend Christmas with her and her son.

C’est la vie when you travel without a map 😛 I was really excited about Koh Phi Phi actually, although I only planned to stay for a night, that is where I saw my friend Kelly Rangel fire hooping in the first ever fire show I’d seen. And yes, I brought my hoops and wicks with me and thought I’d fulfill that fantasy 🙂

I never imagined that after my first night of showing up at Carlitos bar with a fire hoop that I would become the fire hooper of the island dancing among the best dancers. In such a short time, my performance improved immensely, they are all so talented it really inspired me to keep practicing and experimenting. I was actually dancing with the best fire team on Koh Phi Phi and it soon became a paying gig, and I got recognized by people on the island and more and more fire dancing opportunities opened up for me. After just over a week of intense performing while I was hosting an online instagram yoga challenge, I was starting to get burnt out. Cindy and I decided to meet halfway in Phuket because it was raining over where she was staying. It was a nice break and change of pace leaving Koh Phi Phi, but my Christmas in Patong, Phuket was not full of partying like most would assume, but it wasn’t exactly relaxing, but I enjoyed my time there and it was worth the journey and managed to squeeze a fire show in on my last night there. Read more about my time in Patong, Phuket.

I came back on the 28th feeling inspired and refreshed, and after a bit of time away, I didn’t let the crazy music bother me. I think it definitely improved my performance and on
I’m grateful for everything, thank you universe for guiding me, and Thailand for presenting me with these opportunities and to my friend Mark Janssen who really supported, helped and connected me to some pretty incredible people, places and gigs. New Year’s Even I felt like a rockstar, I started the night off at Bayview resort, performed, ate some of their delicious buffet, ran to Carlitos, performed one of my best sets, then a private boat came and picked us up and took us to Vikings Reseort. It was soooo cool, so surreal and incredible.

After NYE I felt there was a bit of an energy shift and I stuck around for a few days but I felt things needed to change. And they did, the people, the weather and some other things. Cindy, her son Keifer and her cousin Mark swung by for a few days, they saw a mini performance at Bayview, they never saw my final Carpe Diem performance which was a bit of a disaster in terms of the music and their was immigration looking for someone on the island so they never actually saw me in my main gig but I took that as a sign it was time to leave. And when I did finally get up and leave to go to Krabi, in came the terrentious rains that lasted for days.