On countless occasions I’ve had people ask me to refer a photographer. I wish it were that easy, because I know a lot of photographers, and on top of that, I belong to several photography networks. Believe-it-or-not, that actually makes the whole selection process that much more difficult. Just because someone is (or claims to be) a professional photographer, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for the job.

Every photographer has a unique style and generally specializes in one or two areas. Some photographers take amazing portraits whereas others prefer to shoot fashion and others like boudoir; some shoot more magazine or editorial style and others choose commercial work and each style has it’s own set of standards. Having the right photographer is critical for achieving the overall tone, feel and end results your looking for. You can expect completely different results when you hire a photographer who is accustomed to shooting commercial products than someone who specializes in wedding and engagement photos.

Another very important issue when hiring a photographer is finding someone that is responsible, accountable and timely.  I hate to admit it but I have worked way too many times with photographers who, after the shoot, don’t return the photos or disappear and leave me waiting months (like seriously, up to 6 months even) for just a few not-so-impressive photos. Worth the wait? I don’t think so.

Not only is this unprofessional—it’s completely unacceptable—regardless of whether the photos are for a model or a paying client or a TFP (time for print) it’s still a job. So, unless I know someone’s work ethic from having worked with them on several occasions, the last thing I want to do is recommend a photographer who will end up leaving someone waiting or unhappy with the end results.

A very talented photographer and friend of mine, Leanne Ferguson, recently told me about a new app she’s created to solve these problems for everyone. Galaxy Photoz www.galaxyphotoz.com ) which will be launching very soon – June 2017. She plans to give people the opportunity to access hundreds of photographers at the tip of their fingertips. Sounded pretty sweet, so I decided to write a little #brandrant before the big date and the major product launch. I know a few people who could benefit from this innovative platform designed to help anyone hire a photographer based on their location, availability and search criteria. This time and hassle saving tool will be extremely useful in simplifying the hiring process and communication between photographer and client while keeping a high level transparency and security between all transactions.

As of now, there are 9 different types of photography styles to choose from including Maternity, Newborn, Cake Smash, Head shots, Engagement, Wedding, Events, Model Portfolio (Look Books) and Portraits. To put it simply, it’s like an UBER for photographers. It allows you to connect with professionals from different regions, gain access to their portfolio, their star rating and saves you the hassle of having to search online or rely on someone you know to refer you to one.

I know many of my photographer friends would appreciate and would definitely benefit from this app. Another bonus is that photographers are chosen based on portfolios, ratings, locations and other criteria provided by the search filters. This keeps the process unbiased and free from surprises. It is a safe, easy and transparent system for connecting service providers to consumers.

Here are a few other little bonuses you might like to know about this little app:

  • The photographers come to you – submit your request and photographers and you will be instantly matched with photographers relating to your search criteria. Photographers will reply and all you have to do is pick the ones you like and send them a reply. It’s just…that….easy. 
  • Same day booking is an option and especially handy for any last minute projects or cancellations.
  • When submitting a request for a photographer, 3 photographers will respond within 60 seconds that are available for their requested date, time, and type of shoot. From then, you choose – based on their portfolio/work samples.
  • Instead of making a deposit with someone you don’t know, Galaxy Photos acts as a third party and only delivers payment to the photographer after you receive your photos.
  • The Galaxy Photoz app launches this June, and it’s FREE, you could simply download an app or go online and be connected within minutes.
  • Promotional offers will allow bookings for in-studio shoots
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that will allow you to get a free re-shoot on any non-event bookings.
  • There’s an affiliate program, with a payout of $5 per shoot, so refer your friends! We live in the digital age, everybody needs good photos.
  • There are already many photographers on board and this app hasn’t even launched—and on that note, you can support this project on Indiegogo today and get some really cool perks while they last. The kickstart campaign is on April 17 , 2017***
  • I think it sounds awesome and now that I’ve got my new camera and have been taking my creative photography skills and art direction to the next level I’m gonna sign up now, so you could even hire me! Wouldn’t that be extra special?! 🙂

Here’s the link to the Indiegogo campaign: www.go.galaxyphotoz.com

Go check it out, get some perks, and  give it some love. Sharing is caring!  

Galaxy Photoz – IndieGoGo


Check out the Galaxy Photoz website!