Now that the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca retreat is over, I am staying at a nearby surfer town in Itacare. It’s beautiful here, with fabulous beaches, it’s hot, the people are friendly and the sunshines bright and strong every single day. I have made some friends here, I have a friend here as well from Toronto and then a few of the people who were with me at the Spirit Vine retreat are also here in Itacre. It doesn’t matter who is here however, I really just want some time to myself and people don’t really get that. I’m also tired of having to explain myself. To me, having this beautiful destination and gorgeous weather is a treat to me. I’m in a tropical paradise, with beach, sun and most importantly time for me. I have so many personal projects and professional goals that time alone is exactly what I need. Plus, to be honest, the Spirit Vine retreat was absolutely incredible, it was such a deep and meaninful and profoundly life changing experience for me that I need a bit of time to myself with everything that Mother Ayahuasca showed to me, and everything I’ve seen and dreamed I need time to bring clarity to all of it, to allow myself to manifest it and by taking positive action towards it.

Accept Abundace

I really need some time to properly organize all of the information, experiences, emotions and insights I received while staying at the Spirit Vine Ayahuasca retreat and will be doing several posts on it, because it was such an intense and incredible experience I need to do it properly. However one thing I can tell you is that it made a lot of sense for me… in terms of everything. I am now cured of my deepest fear and will go on to live my life a lot more abundantly. I am no longer a victim of my past, it brought me a lot of clarity about what was stopping me from attracting and receiving love. That ‘thing’ was me. My fears of abandonment, of being vulnerable, of being rejected, of letting someone love me and now that I have brought the subconscious to the conscious, I am empowered to make changes but any real change I wish to see, must and will only begin with me. I am ready. I am ready to release resistance and accept abundance. If things don’t work out the way I want, I trust the the universe has something better in store for me. For I am light, I am love and happiness is my birth right and abundance is my destiny.

I am no longer afraid of rejection. I am divine and I am here to inspire others to shine. That is my purpose her on this planet. So many people are trapped within the limits of their own mind, inhibiting their existence when they too are divine. Society is a structure designed to create conformity, not order… because we are not the same inside and by abiding and allowing ourselves to be ruled by this manifestation of regulation we are all slowly dying inside. True happiness is an inside job but in order to achieve this fully we must be aligned with our authentic selves. However so many people could not be further from this, they either feel trapped by their jobs, their family, their relationships, and although sometimes the people around us have good intentions, their influence on us may be toxic. I want to create an opportunity to help people set themselves free by letting them escape the binding ways of society, the fear of what others think and provide a safe, healthy and creative platform for them to explore their creative interests, discover their own health regime and even lead them to a life of prosperity by finding inner peace.

I have had visions of doing this since I first stepped foot in Argentina. This whole trip (back to Buenos Aires and then to Spirit Vine) reminded me of this and reconfirmed all of this for me. It brought me so much more clarity. And now that I finally, after years of chasing my dreams and putting myself in a path towards my chosen destiny, it is time to start manifesting mine. It’s so exciting and I just don’t want to waste any more time. I’m starting now, which is why I don’t have time to explain myself to others. Nor do I care to. It’s exhausting because those who aren’t vibrating on the same high frequency of me don’t understand me. I just have to shine on and inspire positive change. I know I cannot change others against their will, nor do I want to but I do want to show them how to live in the light and hopefully they join me at least for some time along the journey. The world desperately needs to change and we, the human race are in a race against ourselves. If we do not change our destructive ways, there won’t be a future for the children of tomorrow. This is my divine purpose and it is my purpose here on earth, to light the path towards a more sustainable future so we can all live in properity.

It is a mission so big and powerful, I was humbled by it and thought how could I? Nobody will believe me, but now after seeing the truth from Mother Ayahuasca herself, there is no denying. How could I not? It is God’s gift to me. I realize now that every painful experience and hurtful memory was given to me because I am strong enough to bear the burden and now I make sense of the lessons that they taught me. Now that I have such clarity and I have ayahuasca still inside of me (which is my motivation to stay healthy) there is nothing that can stop me, and I have the universe on my side because I live in the light and shine positivity and I am embracing my destiny and will be sharing this light and opportunity with others on my upcoming integrative health and adventure destination retreats.There’s no fear left for me here. Only love.

The other day while in the middle of my ayahuasca experience I shared this insight on my instagram account and I might as well share it with you here:

Life is an illusion

Life is an illusion that happens before our eyes. It’s just a string of magical moments that filled with purpose and reason. Weay not understand all of them when we are in the present but when we can look back in retrospect, it’s easier to connect the dots and to see that all things we feel (good and bad) are just a part of our own personal prophecy manifesting the beauty and mystery that #universe is revealing. Control is just an illusion too. We cannot control others or our circumstances. We can only control the way they affect us and our power is to learn from them and grow from them respectively. #Love is the absence of fear and there is nothing to fear but fear itself… live in the moment, seize each new day and trust that there is something amazing about to happen. If the#journey along the way is uncertain,#believe that in the end it will all be worth it. The only regrets are the chances we don’t take.

That’s some food for thought for today… I’ll let you chew on that for a bit… until the next post.

In good health,

Angela Argentina, besos xx