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Magic at Mysteryland The Electronic Music Festival, Chile. December 2014

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Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival, Chile. December 2014 Unforgettable, Action-Packed, Raw. Experienced and written by Libby Griffin Relatively normal world-weary adults arrive at this massive playground, relatively clean and calm. And after three days of play they reluctantly pack up their tents and leave, transformed back into dirty, inspired and fearless little children. Come to this festival with an open heart…


Decode the Universe, let the numbers be your guide.

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It is written. The answers are in the stars. They are in the universe just waiting for you to discover them. With numerology, the signs laid before you by the universe will have more clarity. . Have you ever noticed it seems like there are some days were it seems everything goes right and you’re practically floating on a cloud…


Powerful Brainwave Track for Meditation

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Click here to listen to excellent tune to help you meditate. I personally love this one. I listen to this track on YouTube either alone or under other music I’m listening too. Your mind is a subconscious labyrinth of energy and thought. I actually play this while I’m working but it is a great tool to help you fall into…


Everything is connected

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  Life makes more sense in retrospect than pushing forward through the trials, the challenges the triumphs and success. Life is the experience of the journey. Only when looking back do we make sense of how of everything connects in our lives. People, places, events. We are all connected. Everything is shaped by our collective consciousness. It’s time to wake…