Here in Thailand they still serve a lot of Chinese food, stuffed pastries and oddly enough, stuffed white bread with colourful filling – What’s inside, I do not know but I don’t want to try to find out. My friend likes them but I don’t dare to try them. I know the dangers of food colouring.

Steamed buns are typically made using wheat flour and are the most served breakfast food in the north part of China, I went to the night market the other night and ate a black bean one but it was very doughy and super sweet Full of gluten and sugar it seemed.

But these Steamed Purple Sweet Potato and Coco Rolls are a whole new take on tradition. They’re gluten-free, but still soft and chewy and sprinkled with a cocoa filling. They get their gorgeous color the natural way: from purple sweet potato… (also known as ube) purée, not the nasty artificially coloured stuff. I found this delicious recipe for you because I can’t make food here without a kitchen unfortunately. Thinking of taking another Thai cooking class when I get to Au Nang Beach later today/this week.

Here is the recipe:…/steamed-purple-yam-and-coc…/

Last night, the night market was closed due to the torrentious rains, but there was a lady at a street stall still bravely hustling and selling steamed corn, purple sweet potatoes, pumpkin and bananas. I bought some pumpkin (squash actually) which came a little bag of coconut milk for the and packet of white crystal-like powder, I thought was salt but it turned out to be sugar. The corn came with steamed shaved coconut and I went into 7-eleven and bought some sweet sunflower seeds to add some proteins.

With nowhere to sit and eat my food, I went to the Buddhist temple and sat outside in one of the open rooms and ate my meal in peace. It was wet but I had my poncho on, it wasn’t raining at least. I mixed all of my food together in one bag and it was sooo delicious, but a definitely messy. I might make a version of this but I think I would add some spice to balance out the sweet and something to absorb some of the coconut milk. After I ate, I sat there and did a little meditation. Sending love to the Thai people displaced by this rain.

I went home and had to look around for a garbage, I saw a man, a tourist, on the street who had hit his head on the concrete due to a scooter accident. He seemed to be okay, authorities were there, but that’s the second one I’ve seen here, so although it’s not a requirement by law, wear a helmet my friends. I found a garbage and thought to myself, how much waste I make here, and I’m just one person, ore conscious than most. Where does ALL of this garbage go… click here if you want to find out.