As many of you know, I’ve been focusing more on my spirituality and attending various ceremonies, rituals and retreats and now it’s part of my routine to start my day off with a meditation and mindful practice. The more I meditate, the more grounded, focused and connected I become.

Grounded and connected in Ubud, Bali. This beautiful mandala-like floral design was done by my friend Ariana.

I know some people don’t necessarily understand what I mean (when I say connected) so I’m sharing some examples that have happened to me recently when in an altered state of deeper consciousness.

Yesterday for example, I was meditating outside on the patio of my bungalow. Nobody was awake when I started to meditate, I continued for probably around 45 minutes when I suddenly felt this tremendous need to sneeze. Then it suddenly disappeared and I heard someone sneeze and opened my eyes to see someone else on their balcony eating breakfast, and it was them who was sneezing. I realized how connected I was not only to myself, to my environment, but also to the subconscious thoughts and feelings of other people.

This morning I also experienced some divine intervention. I don’t sleep a lot and I hardly ever remember my dreams. Today I was in a deep, lucid state and I remember I was pigging out on raw vegan truffles and practicing acro yoga with somebody (not a bad dream if you ask me). Then suddenly, out of nowhere, I heard my friend Ariana as clear as a bell, yell my name, ‘Angelaaaa’ and I knew without a doubt that she was trying to wake me up because we had plans and I’d let myself sleep in because of the rain. I woke up, very abruptly, got dressed and went outside and when I saw her on her porch, I asked her if she called my name. She hadn’t actually even said anything, but she confirmed that at that exact moment that I awoke, she was messaging someone and saying she was going to wake me up. And, like the stranger’s sneeze, I felt that.

These so-called coincidences happen to me all the time. I don’t actually believe in coincidences but interpret them as signs. The universe and consciousness is constantly communicating with us, by allowing ourselves to disconnect from our ego and tap into the natural universal flow we open up ourselves to divine communication and intervention. So these are just some examples of how I interpret ‘being connected’ to the subconscious and being awake and aware (even if you’re sleeping). Sometimes it’s awesome, others more like a rude wake up call from where you want to be, but at least you are conscious of what’s going on even when you’re not looking.