In my travels I stumbled across a place called Chalong, Phuket when I came to visit my fitness fanatic friend, Cindy Bertanito and this place is definitely a niche, diamond in the rough, specializing in customized menus, gluten-free, high protein foods, gyms, muy thai and boxing studios and training centres and lots of other healthy stuff. The best part for me, is it’s incredibly vegan friendly! I was so surprised coming to Thailand this time around, everything is meat based, and it’s extremely hard to be vegan. I mean sure, I can eat rice and vegetables, but the only protein source they provide is either tofu or eggs and nuts. There aren’t beans or legumes or super foods, or whole grains such as quinoa etc… that are nutritionally complete (proteins) so I’ve had to resort to eating eggs. However, here, I found my happy place. I am exploring different locations but the one that called out to me first was PURE VEGAN heaven.

I met up with my friend Elisa the first night I was here and we each ordered a bowl and treated ourselves to a glass of wine. I barely drink, so this was a treat and it complemented my bowl perfectly. It was a little taste of heaven indeed. I ordered the Thai Bowl (which had quinoa and black rice as a base) and my friend ordered the falafel bowl, which I tasted and the tahini and falafels were absolutely scrumptious. It’s more expensive than going to a local thai place but you get what you pay for. They cater to everything… they boast a salad bar, raw vegan desserts, gluten free pastas and beers, healthy snacks, plant based protein shakes, kombucha… the list goes on.

I came back and tried the raw vegan lasagna which had noodles of zucchini and it was layered with tomato in a creamy cashew sauce. It was bomb! I really recommend this place, and Chalong in general, to anyone who feels that eating white rice is taking a toll on their system and just wants a few days or a week even to get reset and get their health back on track. This is the place to do it but this is not your typical tourist trap, there really aren’t that many hostels, it’s more of a place to spend some time and get a hotel or rent a place. I did however find a great hostel for a very decent price, if you want info on that click here.