After many requests, I’m making a plan, and many more to feed the need.

Get a weekly list of what to eat, with simple meals based on unprocessed and weight loss friendly foods.

If you’re tired of trying to figure out what to eat, then this is a game changer!

Simply follow these simple meal plans and reap the benefits. Let us take care of figuring out the science behind it all.

Each week you get a list of meals, super simple recipes and a shopping list delivered straight to your inbox.

The recipes are healthy and family friendly. They also taste absolutely delicious.

The meals are really simple, even for people who have little to no experience in the kitchen. Many of them contain only 5 or fewer ingredients.

“As a vegan I appreciate Angela’s inspiring approach to raw and vegan cuisine, having attended several events — including a picnic — where she prepared all the food, including fresh and spicy entrees and yummy desserts. I have also taken several of her workshops. Her food takes away any sense that I’m “missing something” having given up meat and dairy. In fact, she’s inspired me to make such nice meals at home that my two teenage sons are mostly vegan now themselves, and actually say “thank you” when I serve them salads, Buddha bowls and things like vegan chili!

Hats off to Angela for being a leader in this important and sustainable revolution in food!”

Guy Crittenden

Meal Planning Made Easy

I have had a passion for healthy food and creative cooking my entire life. My first few jobs were working in the kitchen when I realized I much rather create my own recipes that were wholesome, natural and good for weight loss or healthy weight management.

Today I’m certified in holistic health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have years of experience working in the kitchen, in food & beverage industry and recipe testing, creating and innovating. I love making making food extra nutritious without compromising on flavours and helping anyone interested in adapting to a more or fully plant-based diet.

There is so much confusion about what to eat, different fads and diets, people are struggling with weight and we have so many food-related diseases it’s unbelievable and it’s disappointing, because most diseases are actually preventable. Good nutrition and healthy habits is the best preventative health plan there is and I’m here to help you out with that.

Over the past few years, I have created hundreds of delicious dishes that I have shared with friends, family and followers online and have reached thousands of readers. I’ve been asked when I plan to create a cookbook and share my healthy meal plans many, many times. I have decided it’s time to start fulfilling these wishes and creating detailed meal plans and food adventures to show and share just how to put the nutritional information combined with succulent flavour sensations into action, from farm to table to fork.

My plans create cooking inspiration as well as including explanations of the benefits of the ingredients and foods you eat at each meal. Plans will be fitted and designed to suit your needs. My meal plans and recipes are plant based and are so delicious they are enjoyed by everybody (regardless of their eating preference or personalized taste). Eating more fruits and vegetables (especially raw) provides you with so many essential vitamins and minerals in their most pure form, the more we eat such things, the more we fill ourselves with vitality.

I’m always open to readers making suggestions about what type recipes I should be creating and other content as well. I love flavourful foods and often make recipes with lots of ingredients that are bursting with vitamins and nutrients. I especially love exotic cuisine, inspired by my travels and various cultures, traditions and ethnicities. For these types of exotic food explorers, I recommend my Adventures with Food series for venturing out and discovering new flavour destinations, traditional tastes, spices, sweets and savoury dishes— they are guaranteed to satisfy your body’s needs and most definitely, your tastebuds.

This isn’t always the best solution for some people, I know way too many individuals with a busy on-the-go lifestyle. I know that most of these readers are looking to save time, money and just want recipe simplicity—without compromising their health. I also have readers who are fabulously devoted food fanatics who love learning new techniques, entertaining, baking, catering, and cooking for families and pleasing even the pickiest of eaters. I’ve got recipes for them too! Regardless of the audience, I strongly believe that my menus and meal plans can be carefully crafted and customized to provide food-spiration, nutritional information and be suitable for any and every body’s needs. Since they are plant-based (and well balanced meals) they promote good health, natural weight loss and will teach readers about how to think of food as medicine.

What’s Included:

Egg and Measuring Tape

Every week you get a meal plan, recipe guide and a shopping list.

You get information about what to eat for:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon snack
  • Dinner

(Keep in mind that breakfasts and snacks are optional if you’re not hungry in the morning or one meal can be divided into one or two snacks to suit your needs).

Super Simple Recipes

Recipes include a list of  ingredients, simple directions and additional nutritional information and extra inspiration.

The recipe guide is very comprehensive but simple, and even allows you to plan meals ahead.

That being said, the recipes are super simple. Most of them can be made quickly, in several simple steps.

They are certainly a lot simpler than most of the complicated recipes you see online.

Shopping List

You will get a detailed shopping list to help you organize and prepare. This can be printed or saved to your mobile phone so you can get all your groceries at once and save time.

Unless you are going on a flavour destination in one of the Adventures with Food, the  “exotic” ingredients will be kept to a minimum so that you don’t waste money on foods you will only use once or twice. Some dried spices have a fairly long shelf life and can also be bought in bulk, which may be suggested in a recipe.

The idea is to  help make meals easier for you while minimizing food waste and can save money and time.

“Finally what I needed! It has always been a big struggle for me to offer my family healthy, tasty meals, which are at the same time easy to prepare and make. And the shopping list is a godsend. The meal plans are really simple and easy to adapt… and I love the extra treat on Friday evenings!”

Ruth Anderson

Real Foods That Are Weight Loss Friendly

Man with a Bunch of Bananas on His Shoulder

The meals are all made with whole foods that promote natural weight loss and boost the body’s immunity.

In my recipes there are no added sugars, no wheat, no refined vegetable oils and no trans fats.

Although my meals are plant-based they are still relatively high-protein, high-fibre and moderate to low carb. The carbs that I choose to include are often complex carbs and break down slowly providing the body with long-lasting satiation and energy.

The meals are based on vegetables, fruits, berries, healthy grains and legumes, nuts, seeds, healthy fats, etc.

You will also learn about what foods should be organic and others that aren’t as important. Another benefit is that you will save money, waste less, learn how to recycle and revamp dishes without making your meals monotonous and boring and with some simple planning ahead, you won’t have to make last-minute choices to eat out and then feel guilty afterward..

For these reasons, the meal plans can also be considered budget-friendly.

Benefits of Following the Meal Plans

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect from following these meal plans:

  1. Delicious: Yes, this food is healthy, colourful and will make you feel like you’ve gone from cook to chef after a few days in your kitchen, but most importantly these meals are delicious! Learning to appreciate and cultivate a healthy relationship with your food will improve your quality of life Improve your quality and you can do this as often as you chew. 🙂
  2. Natural Weight Loss: The recipes are created with healthy, whole foods that are low in fat and help speed up and improve metabolic function while providing long lasting energy. By eating balanced meals that are typically gluten, cholesterol and refined sugar free you can expect to lose weight naturally.
  3. Smaller belly: Many of these foods promote good gut health and also cause significant reductions in belly fat (a.k.a. the bad fat in the body) and tips to help
  4. Improve health: Eating a balanced, whole foods diet is almost 100% guaranteed to boost your metabolic health and lower your risk of disease.
  5. Improved Digestion: Plant based meals are usually very high in fibre helping aid in the digestive process.
  6. Diabetes: Because of the high fibre and lack of refined sugars, these meals are often diabetes-friendly, and can cause lower blood sugar levels.
  7. Save time and energy: Start meal planning to make your meals healthier and easier by planning and prepping ahead.
  8. Innovative: Last but not least, these meals are here to inspire and evoke more creative cooking, food that makes you feel good but looks good and won’t become boring.

The meal plans also help reduce bloat and unnecessary water weight. Many of our members lost 5 pounds in the first few days alone.

Here’s what one of Authority Nutrition’s top nutritionists said about the meal plans:

This meal plan is the best I’ve seen. It provides delicious and easy-to-make recipes that even the most busy people could fit into their schedule. The recipes are well structured and contain a good balance of nutrients, without an endless list of ingredients. I would not hesitate to recommend this plan to anyone who wants to eat healthy.

Adda Bjarnadottir, MS — Licensed Nutritionist

Get Planning Your Meals

You can order your meal plan immediately and get a free consultation on what your goals and needs are. The price is very reasonable — you get the plans for a monthly payment of $50.

That’s less than $15/week on carefully crafted and catered cuisine designed to meet your tastes and needs. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, if you don’t like the meal plan I will modify it for you if they don’t deliver the results you are looking for. .

If you are ready to boost your energy, look and feel healthier and start losing weight while eating simply delicious meals made with whole food goodness then contact me to have a free consultation.