I woke up this morning, it’s my last and final day in Chalong, Phuket in Thailand. I had a lovely reminder of where I was at this time last year and it makes me remember all the incredible changes I’ve experienced, all the troubles I endured and how I continued to pursue my passions and follow my dreams. I’m so proud of the person I am becoming and who I still have yet to be. Here is a little insight into my morning inspiration. I hope you also find it inspiring.

We don’t meet people by chance. Every person, encounter and experience bears a meaning. And perhaps the path isn’t always clear for us to see while we’re on our way, it doesn’t mean it’s not the right path and maybe it will seem more understandable when we finish our journey and can see things more clearly from the mountain top.

The best adventures happen when we get lost, so don’t worry about which roads to take, we always get where we need to be eventually, as long as we don’t stop or get stuck along the way.

Life is a wild adventure of passionate pursuits, don’t be afraid to get lost, it’s not a race nor is it meant to be lived in one place.

Thanks to Brian Hargreaves for this fabulous photo