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Experience Matters

“Wow, it feels so good!” I was thinking while leaving the store and holding my brand new pair of shoes. I looked around and it seemed that the sun was brighter than usual, people became nicer, birds started singing, and even the asphalt was looking cleaner and shinier.

“But wait, what’s happening?!” just 20 seconds after it stopped.

Grumpy faces, dark colours and a noisy street sent me back to reality. “Oh well…” I walked home.

I am not crazy woman whose mood changes like the weather, though. Research has shown that a purchase of goods makes us happy for only 20 seconds after leaving the shop. It’s true. ONLY 20 SECONDS.

So should we give up shopping? I don’t think so. It’s just better to invest in experiences instead of goods!

Since we’re talking about science and research, we should look at the reasons why we seek pleasure from buying material products. Here the famous Maslow’s hierachy might help you to see the evolution of human needs. But if Maslow is too simple and populist for you- go for Dr. Lewis’ book ‘Impulse’, which gave me a pretty good idea of why we want certain material goods. It offers a good explanation of the shift from “I want to have” to “I want to be”.

But that’s enough with theory, let’s get real. Instead of just buying a candle you can now go and make your own candle. In other words, let’s shop for what will make us richer. Yes, I’m talking about travel!

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Now you see, there is no question about it: spending money on experiences will ultimately make you happier than just buying stuff. So stop overthinking or finding excuses and just go and travel. Go and experience a new feeling and create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lifetime.


Pack Your Bags… and GO!