In 2017 I wrote my first article for Consumer Health Digest, I wrote to a specific niche who fancy the hula hoop and shared insight as to ways to this fun form of fitness can upgrade one’s life. The article was a huge success and shared over many different media platforms. Looking forward now to 2018 and sharing some useful information to help influence and inspire healthier habits, lifestyle and mindset in my readers.

As a creative entrepreneur and holistic health professional I have the luxury of living a very unique and freedom lifestyle that others often find intriguing and inspiring. I was presented with the opportunity to write for Consumer Health Digest and accepted;  grateful for the opportunity to write for such an influential online magazine alongside a panel of carefully curated health experts and contributors. Their site is full of useful tips, stories and insights from professionals who share the same goal, to spread knowledge and empower better health, prevent unnecessary disease and illness caused by poor lifestyle decisions and provide the opportunity for anybody to upgrade their health just by reading.
One of the benefits about writing for an online publication is that it provides a diverse range of topics, areas and industries so I had the luxury of choosing my first topic which happened to be about one of my personal lifestyle hacks, the hula hoop. My first article, 5 Surprising Reasons Hula Hooping Will Upgrade Your Life was well received, especially with the niche hula hooping community.  I received great feedback and recognition for my insights into the secret world of flow arts and how I drew upon the similarities to specific states of meditation, a cardio workout and explained how it improves motor skills, focus and coordination but also the importance of play and creativity.
Sharing my article and being published provided such an amazing experience and extra motivation to really dig in and do some research into a particular area of interest to educate and share with the readers. Consumer Digest was also especially helpful in that they provided valuable feedback on ways in which to improve my article and help me grow more comfortable with my writing as a contributor and influencer. This role is also beneficial to me on a professional level as it positions me as an expert and explain my research findings, knowledge and insights to help others find the solutions they seek and achieve better health and wellness by reading.

Through great reputable websites such as Consumer Health Digest it’s crucial for industry leaders to partner and influence a broader audience and I look forward to our continued partnership and sharing more articles in 2018.