“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”

Why this rings true is because unlike most things you buy, travel never gets old; it’s an an experience that will transform you in many ways and will last a lifetime. I’ve traveled far and wide, and no matter where I go, the most important thing I know, is that the Universe is on my side. I truly believe that learning to trust your intuition and letting life go a little and learning to go with the flow are by the far the greatest benefits one can achieve while traveling with others or independently. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Whether you decide to go on a weekend escape or on a backpacking adventure for months across Europe, the break from your everyday your surroundings, habit and stress levels will do you good. It’s more even more important that you take some time off from your busy life and take some time for yourself. Trust me, travel or even just a quick trip somewhere different is good for your health in aspects of helping strengthen the connection body, mind and soul and lest we forget, the environment.

Here are a few reasons I think are worthy of mention:


So many of us feel trapped by responsibilities, work, commitments and other things in our daily life that seem to tie us down;  once you decide you are going to go on a trip, it’s amazing how quickly these things just seem to melt away. Once you make your sweet escape, it may feel a little weird at first (not be restricted by routine) but trust me, you will learn to love it (and I hope you enjoy every second of it). One of the hardest things about experiencing this type of freedom, is it’s addictive and if you have to return to your previous reality, it’s not always easy. I will be posting an article soon on the benefits of entrepreneurism, which hopefully inspires you to create this kind of freedom lifestyle for yourself all of the time, not just on vacay.

Reduce Stress

Stress is the silent killer and wreaks havoc on the immune system (also, it is often the source of many diseases). Many people overwork themselves and don’t give themselves the recovery time they really need. One of the biggest benefits about travel is that taking a break from your everyday will naturally relieve some of your stress. Whether your seeking a relaxing retreat or a fun-filled adventure, be sure to go out and do the things you love. Eat exotic food and savour every bite. Take a long walk on the beach and sit down and enjoy the sunset. There are so many ways to stop for a minute and savour the moment. Whatever you do to slow or change the pace a little will give your body, mind and soul a break and your health with thank you.

Personal Development

Traveling is often one of the best opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery. This doesn’t necessarily happen on a day trip to the beach, but rather on a trip with cultural significance, which provides enough time to absorb the atmosphere, breathe in the culture, meet new people and most importunity self-reflect. It will open your mind and provide you with a whole new perspective as you leave break out of your comfort zone get a taste of tradition, architecture, design. Traveling alone, in my opinion, is really the best way to discover your true self. Coming back from a successful trip will leave you feeling fresh, inspired and with a new appreciation for life and the desire to take on the world.


 Your trip may not include a hike the the Grand Canyon or other heart-pumping activities such as wake-boarding or kayaking, however when your in your new surroundings it’s an excellent opportunity to get some extra exercise as you walk around and check things out for the first time. Go explore a museum, through national parks and just wander the streets and soak up some culture. I also recommend trying something new, take a Yoga class on the beach, or when in Thailand take a kickboxing class, when in Argentina learn to Tango. Travel creates an awesome opportunity to learn new skills and stay fit, plus it will help burn of some of those extra calories you might consume when getting a good taste of the local gastronomy, which brings me to my next point.

Satisfy Your Stomach

This is the most delicious reason of them all! When traveling I think it’s important to indulge a little when it comes to eating food, as it can make or break a vacation. If it’s bad, it can definitely put a negative spin on your vacay, especially if it ends in sickness or worse, food poisoning, which happens more than enough. If it’s good however, WOW!!!  Your tastebuds will think they are in heaven. Of course living in a cosmopolitan city, one has access to a world of cultural cuisine but nothing compares to trying a famous dish in it’s native land. Sometimes eating out can be a lovely experience, others not so much. Be careful about where you choose to eat and to save money, learn new skills and also not have to worry about sanitation, try making one of the cultural dishes yourself by picking up some ingredients at the local market.

Expand Your Network

This may or may not surprise you but some of the most valuable connections you will ever make can happen in the most unlikely places. A coffee shop in Amsterdam, a concert in NYC, a train ride through France. You never know who or where you’ll meet, or even what an encounter may bring, but it could possibly lead to a new friendship, a business venture, a romantic relationship… who knows?  Knowing people from other countries that you meet abroad can create more opportunities for travel, working overseas, or helping out other friends in need. As they say, it’s not what you know but who… My advice to you is go out there and start meeting people!

Give Presence

Today the term, ‘giving presence’ is gaining popularity as people are glued to their phones, tied to technology and social media and aren’t really living in the moment and aren’t conscious of what’s going on in the world around them, let alone right in front of them. When you travel, you are more aware and give presence and savour every second of what you are doing. Another way to give presence is to meditate, something you might want to try while out of your ordinary surroundings. Take a class or just a walk out in nature or sit on a beach and be grateful for the opportunity. Of course while experiencing new exciting things,  it’s natural to want to share moments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever social media outlet, but it’s best to be mindful (at least a little bit) before sharing. 🙂

Find True Love

When traveling people are often more open-minded and care-free.  putting them in a good position to meet many interesting people and quite possibly someone special will catch your eye and your capture your heart (If you’re not already attached that is). Some people assume the no strings attached mentality but then often fall in love and create a a meaningful relationship out of it. If you are attached, there’s nothing quite like traveling with someone to put your compatibility to the test. And if you’re traveling alone like I often do and meet people but not romantically, the best person I think you can fall in love with is yourself. Self love is the healthiest love there is.

Learn a New Language

This may seem impossible, ‘how can I possibly learn a new language?’ I once thought this myself as I struggled with learning Spanish and French. Well let me tell you, it’s possible and once you learn one new language, other languages become easier to pick up too. In fact, I believe the only way to really learn is to go to another place where you are immersed in the language and the culture. Plus speaking multiple languages provides so many amazing benefits to the brain: cognitive learning, personal development, better problem solving skills (to list but a few) however the only way to learn is to make mistakes. So speak another tongue, say something wrong and learn to laugh it off, they key to learning is just getting comfortable saying something!

There are more benefits to traveling, these are my selects. If you have any benefits you think I should include, please feel free to share. Wishing you lots of healthy, happy and safe travels.