We are energy. It’s that simple.

We may see ourselves as solid beings, ‘real’ people living amongst ‘real’ things but all that we think, see, feel or share is just a conscious manifestation, when it comes down to the very nitty gritty of our existence, we are all just energy vibrating in this abundantly spacious universe. And most of the world is actually only vibrating on the lower end of their frequency scale, but raising your vibration will help you attract others who are high vibrational too. Everybody has the potential to raise their personal vibration, but most low vibrational people prefer you to meet them on a lower frequency rather than raise up to meet you at yours.

This chart illustrates the frequency ranges of human emotions. The colours and frequencies also correlate to the 7 main chakras, and the fifth chakra (the heart) is the frequency of 500 which is the consciousness we want to achieve, by vibrating at love and above. I find all this fascinating, and now dedicate my time to working on helping others raise their vibration. Today I am an alternative healer and love helping people raise their vibrations and do this in many ways.

Human Emotions Vibration Analysis Frequency Ranges