In December of 2015 I was called to go down to Brazil to drink from the Spirit Vine. I really had no inclination of ever doing Ayahuasca before but I believe I was summoned in a dream because I woke up one day and knew instantly I needed to go to Brazil to do ayahuasca.

The events that followed right up to the retreat were also I believe part of a life lesson for me. It is said that once you decide you are going to drink ayahuasca, the ceremony begins, as it did for me. I will share more about that in a future post but I just received this little video which makes me a little nostalgic of how far I’ve come since then.

I went to a beautiful, healing 9 day retreat deep in the jungle of Brazil. The Ayahuasca was pure, grown on site and the food was delicious and mouthwatering and the scenery and ambience was breathtaking. I’m truly grateful for having experienced this. I’m not sure where I would be today had I not done this.

I don’t offer Ayahuasca retreats myself, but if you are curious to know a bit more information or how to discover the healing nature of the spirit vine, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to help guide you in the direction of healing so you can also fulfill your purpose and destiny.