“A 10 day international Fire Arts & Spirituality festival on a tropical island paradise.”

Does that sound like heaven? It does to me! I heard about this upcoming festival from several people at Pai Circus School who were fellow flow artists and then I heard about it from my friend Mark Janssen who was a fire performer on Koh Phi Phi. I think it’s a sign I must go, it will begin about a week after I finish my 10 Day Vipasana retreat in Bali and I will have a bit of time to travel my way over to Cambodia and find my way to this so-called Paradise Island of Koh Rah. Here is a little video to give you a sample of what this island is all about.

To give you an idea of what goes on at a festival like this, I’ve taken a few shots from the website freeflowarts.com

This is what the freeflowarts.com website has to say about it: Koh Rong is that island that every traveller is searching for. It has everything that you could possibly want; untouched beaches, scuba diving, trekking and so much more! Located just off the south coast of Cambodia, development is only just beginning so the time to visit is now!

25 years ago there were no settlers on Koh Tui beach, only fishermen catching their livelihood, and using the beaches for temporary shelter if they were unable to make it back to their homes on the mainland. Seeing the island’s potential some of the local fishermen decided to move their families to this beautiful beach, which is sheltered in a large bay. Over 20 years later and what was once a village of 5 families has grown to over 100 families, working alongside western business owners to cater for the island’s growing tourist community.

Now if you know anything about me, and my dancing, performing, yoga practice/teaching, reiki, etc. I think this is a great fit for me. That’s why last night, I was inspired when setting my intention on the full moon of January Friday the 13th to send in a note requesting to be a volunteer for exchange of tickets. I also inquired about what the food options are since I’m plant based and this is suppose to be accommodating spirituality so I’m waiting to hear back from them. Hopefully they see some of the links I sent them and offer me something. I will let you know!