The other day I decided to try and make coconut chocolate mint popsicles and they turend out… mmmm… okay, not great. They definitely lacked some texture and substance but that’s just how my food experimentation is. It’s all part of the journey. My original post which I shared on instagram (click here to view it) was a really simple recipe and people really seemed to like it, but that’s because it looked and sounded good but nobody (not even me) had put the theory to the test.

Coconut Chocolate Mint Popsicle Mix

When I did, I decided it definitely needed a little sprucing up and since this week’s gastropost calls for something blended, I decided to get creative and blend it like Beckham, so I made a soccer ball coloured smoothie… super refreshing, highly nutritious with complete protein, dreamy and creamy. Mmmmm… I made it last night and just made myself another, and I’ll probably make another one too, it’s just that good. I call it the Coconut Chia Mocha Smoothie and it’s beautiful and worthy of it’s delicious sounding name.

Coconut Chia Mocha Smoothie






Coconut milk, reduced fat


can (13.5oz)


Mint, fresh



chooped, loosely packed

Peppermint oil



essential oil, I used DoTerra

Baking chocolate, unsweetened



chopped into bits (or use chips)



packet (individual)


Chia seeds, dried



Almond milk, unsweetened

1 1/4


I used almond/coconut blend but any non-dairy milk is acceptable

Vanilla extract, pure



or two drops of pure vanilla extract (both are optional)

Ground coffee



I used french vanilla roast but any roast will do

Cocoa powder, unsweetened



Almond butter



There are two ways to create this dish. One requires a little more prep and isn’t as diluted, which I prefer. I will list both options here. I prep the cubes ahead of time and then have them ready to make this quick and easily.
1. Create coconut mint ice cubes – in a medium mixing bowl, mix can of reduced fat (or regular) coconut milk and freshly chopped mint or spearmint *the smaller the pieces the better*. You can also blend the mint and milk together if you don’t feel like chopping.
(If you don’t have time to prep the coconut ice) ***or the other option is*** use real ice and blend with the coconut milk but just don’t add almond milk to the mix unless necessary, you’ll likely need about 1/4 cup less almond milk in that case than original required).
2. In a medium mixing bowl, mix chia almond butter, cocoa, 1 cup of milk and 9 packs of stevia and coffee grinds and vanilla into a bowl. Mix thoroughly and store in fridge to cool and set. Usually takes about 20 min.
3. Chop up chocolate into tiny pieces or chunks. I think the combination between big and small make a nice mix.
4. Toss coconut ice cubes in blender with 1/4 cup of remaining milk. Blend until smooth. Add in chocolate chunks, setting some aside for garnish.
5. Add chia mix into the bottom of a mason jar, glass bowl or any decent size serving container. Top with coconut mixture. To create the layered effect, it takes a little more care and more time but if you want to impress your guests, it’s worth the wait! Instructions are listed in the TIP below.
6. Before serving, garnish with fresh shaved coconut and some remaining chips, If you have a fresh mint sprig toss it on top to complete the look.
7. Serve with a smile and enjoy each delicious and nutritious sip!

TIP:  Here’s how to create the layered look (if desired): After applying the chia seed on the first layer, use a wide spoon to push chia into the edges of the glass sealing a surface area so the coconut doesn’t run down through any cracks to ruin the effect. Add the coconut to a desired level and then stick jar or bowl back in freezer for a min of 5 min (until the surface is hard and you can add another layer of chia without breaking it). Add another layer of chia but once again, seal the sides, pour on more coconut and repeat this for as many layers as you want.

BTW this yummy recipe just got picked up to be featured as a Gastropost within minutes of me posting it. That’s the power of good food presentation. 🙂