Chakra Yoga at Yoga Star Wellness


You are invited to join a special upcoming Chakra Yoga classes at Yoga Star Wellness on Roncesvalles.

This is not your typical yoga class but rather a special yoga series intended to guide you through the 7 main chakra system providing practical information, mudras, mantras, breathe work and carefully chosen asanas to help you engage the core muscle groups associated with the chakras and surrounding organs. There will also be a subtle vinyasa flow around the poses to activate and open and breathing techniques, visualizations and tools to activate the 5 senses to help you align body, mind and soul so you can radiate.

This is appropriate for beginners and all levels as it is not overly physical but more of a holistic mind | body | soul experience that requires you to be mindful, connected to your body and look inward for your own healing. Expect healing on the sensory level. Angela Argentina enjoys opportunities to combine her skills as a Reiki Master and Alternative Healer with her Yoga teachings.

*Bring a yoga mat, comfy clothes and a smile.

ONLY 3 DATES: Sat Jan. 13, 20, 27 from 3-4 at Yoga Star Wellness come 10-15 min. early for registration.

Feel free to ask any questions or for more information.

See you there.