Healing through the Spirit Vine

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In December of 2015 I was called to go down to Brazil to drink from the Spirit Vine. I really had no inclination of ever doing Ayahuasca before but I believe I was summoned in a dream because I woke up one day and knew instantly I needed to go to Brazil to do ayahuasca. The events that followed right…


Life is a journey

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I woke up this morning, it’s my last and final day in Chalong, Phuket in Thailand. I had a lovely reminder of where I was at this time last year and it makes me remember all the incredible changes I’ve experienced, all the troubles I endured and how I continued to pursue my passions and follow my dreams. I’m so…


An unexpected trip to Koh Phi Phi island

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On a quick trip back to Koh Phi Phi I did two freestyle fire shows last night with my fire spinning team/friends. First show was at Bayview Resort for a group of young travellers and then I went to Carlito’s Bar (which is where this firehooping video took place) which, in my honest opinion and the opinion of many others…


Free Flow Arts & Spirituality Festival in Cambodia

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“A 10 day international Fire Arts & Spirituality festival on a tropical island paradise.” Does that sound like heaven? It does to me! I heard about this upcoming festival from several people at Pai Circus School who were fellow flow artists and then I heard about it from my friend Mark Janssen who was a fire performer on Koh Phi…


Dancing with Fire in Koh Phi Phi

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I wanted to get out of Chiang Mai suddenly so I hopped on a bus to Bangkok. It arrived 2 hours earlier than expected and rather then pay a taxi 500 baht to spend the day in the city (I’m not nuts about Bangkok anyway) I said Fuk-it, I’m going to Pooh-ket. That 500 baht I saved was well spent,…


It’s proven now: Experiences Make You Happier Than Things

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This article was shared via Federico at Yonder Bound, to view the original and full article please visit this link. Experience Matters “Wow, it feels so good!” I was thinking while leaving the store and holding my brand new pair of shoes. I looked around and it seemed that the sun was brighter than usual, people became nicer, birds started singing, and…


Home-Made Healthy Alfajores (Inspired by Argentina)

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Upon my last little visit to my beloved Argentina I found myself in an interesting position. It was the first time I’ve really been there and was extra conscious about what I ate. I never really ate much meat there, but I did really enjoy the Argentine Dulce de Leche. When in Argentina (or anywhere really) I like to embrace…


Magic at Mysteryland The Electronic Music Festival, Chile. December 2014

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Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival, Chile. December 2014 Unforgettable, Action-Packed, Raw. Experienced and written by Libby Griffin Relatively normal world-weary adults arrive at this massive playground, relatively clean and calm. And after three days of play they reluctantly pack up their tents and leave, transformed back into dirty, inspired and fearless little children. Come to this festival with an open heart…


How Travel Benefits Your Health

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“Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” Why this rings true is because unlike most things you buy, travel never gets old; it’s an an experience that will transform you in many ways and will last a lifetime. I’ve traveled far and wide, and no matter where I go, the most important thing I know,…


20 French Phrases You Should Be Using

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Who isn’t planning or at least dreaming  to fly through France? If you are and want to know something a little more than the everyday ‘Bonjour’ et ‘Merci’ , ‘Je m’apelle‘ et  ‘Je suis‘ this interesting article is perfect pour vous. Sound sophisticated and throw in one of these 20 phrases o you can show-off your knowledge of both the French Language and  Culture (the background…