Facts About Flouride

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Once upon a time, I was told that fluoride was put into water to help clean it. Not really understanding what fluoride was, it seemed to make sense. I was also told that fluoride helps teeth. Whenever I was younger and had to hold the foam cups of fluoride in between my teeth, some would drip down and the whole sensation…


10 Reasons Organic is Best

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People often ask me what I think about buying organic and if it’s necessary. The more I learn about all the chemicals, processing and genetic modification that goes into our food, the stronger my opinion is on the matter. Yes, I think everything should be organic. At this point in time, it’s sad to say that are lost to the…


Introducing the Smoothie Queen

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Proud to announce one of my newest bloggers, my friend and partner in (healthy) crime… Alison Psaila a.k.a. The Smoothie Queen! She will be sharing her delicious, nutritious and super-food smoothies on the blog. Can’t wait, get your blenders ready…


Powerful Brainwave Track for Meditation

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Click here to listen to excellent tune to help you meditate. I personally love this one. I listen to this track on YouTube either alone or under other music I’m listening too. Your mind is a subconscious labyrinth of energy and thought. I actually play this while I’m working but it is a great tool to help you fall into…


How to Stay Motivated with your Fitness Goals

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Happy New Year! Around this time of the year, there is a lot of enthusiasm for health and fitness goals such as losing weight, getting back into shape, and feeling fit and healthy. With great ambition, individuals go on diets and detoxes, and fill up the gyms. But for the most part, as the weeks go on, eating habits return…


Music for your mood: sounds will heightening your experience or lower your vibration

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Sound of Heaven vol. 1 Genre: Sax/Deep House It’s been proven, everything in the universe, even our own bodies is made up of energy that vibrates at different frequencies. Solid matter vibrates at a different frequency than a liquid like water, but one thing can be sure is that all of these frequencies affect us. Our thoughts, feelings and actions (even…


Sweet like Sugar

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Refined white sugar, referred to as table sugar, is readily available and consumed around the world. Ironically, the term ‘refined’ means to ‘purify’; however, white sugar is processed by stripping all of the nutrients and pure wholesome qualities from the sugarcane. In other words: Refined does not equal Pure. Creating more confusion, Health Canada regulations require ingredients to be listed…


Gifts of the Earth – Essential Oils

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With today’s modern healthcare system and such advances in medicine, it is both sad and shocking how sick our modern society truly is.  We have substituted food-like products for convenience and an easy-to-swallow pill for a dangerous, yet temporary quick fix for our health issues. What if we got back to basics?  What if we listened intuitively to what our…


10 Simple Steps to Natural Beauty

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who or what defines beauty these days? As a society we are chasing unrealistic ideals for both men and women causing self-confidence issues, eating disorders, insecurities, addictions, and cosmetic surgeries. It doesn’t take much to find manipulated and over-edited images splashed through magazines, newspapers, sitcoms, movies, ads, social media and more. The impact…


Welcome to Foodtopia – Featuring The Foodtopian from NYC

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We are excited to announce that The Foodtopian will be making regular contributions to our Adventures with Food.  We first found the Foodtopian online and followed his healthful and mouthwatering dishes for months, needless to say we are ecstatic to be able to share them with you on this blog. To know a little bit more about the Foodtopian, his motives and…