Juicy Content: Coconuts 101 (health benefits, how to consume them, creative uses… and more, in a nutshell)

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I somehow knew that Brazil would be the perfect place for me to face my fruit fear, a phobia that has stayed with me since my infancy and only in recent years have I began to explore my fruity palette. It wasn’t until I was in Buenos Aire 2011 that I actually willingly at my first strawberry (very slowly) nibble…


Sweet Chia Seed Pudding Topped off with Fruit

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Here’s a sweet change for your breakfast routine. This is a Superfood Specialty that is easy to make and sooooo good for you.   Since I’m traveling in Buenos Aires at the moment, and now that I’m vegan and an active fitness model I don’t do the typical desayuna which includes cafe con leche y media lunas (sweet croissants and coffee with milk)….


The Skinny on Nutrition

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I recently shared this image on my facebook profile from instagram and it was pretty well received in the sense that it seemed like many people agreed. This was the premis of what I held as my personal foodlosophy while one my weightloss journey rapdidly losing weight in just little over two months for the fitness competition. -So many people…


Peppermint Infused Protein Packed (Vegan) Brownies

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I made these decadent Peppermint Infused Black Bean and Quinoa Brownies the other day for my Sexy Flexy class because I like to provide a healthy snack and if possible protein after a 2-hour full-body stretch class since it’s a pretty intense workout for the muscles. It also gives me an opportunity to try out new recipes, or at least…


Post-Fitness Protein Fix

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Things have been really crazy lately, even more so than usual but I’m making some real positive changes, growing my business, expanding my network and also my impact potential To keep my energy up, I need to get lots of exercise and so I’m like a whirlwind when I get busy because I boost my energy by increasing my workouts, but with constant…


It’s over… so now what? Life after IIN.

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I’m glad it’s finally July because June really was the busiest, most eventful month and was flat out jam-packed and left me utterly exhausted. It’s now July and I’ve slowed down a bit, I’ve had to really because if I didn’t, I could already see that the universe would force me in one way or another. Also, with my body in a…


Vitamin ‘C’ Soup : Creamy Coconut Curry Carrot Soup

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Vitamin ‘C’ Soup : Creamy Coconut Curry Carrot (& Carb) Soup Serves: 1 -2 When you are passionate about something you can ignore your body’s basic needs and continue to function on ambition, desire and pure will. However eventually the body needs a break and if it doesn’t get one, it can get sick. I hardly ever get sick, but…


Coconut, Pecan and Flax Seed Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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This delicious recipe was given to me by my friend Diane Matyas who shared it with me because it was gluten free. I’ve modified a bit as well to make it vegan and added some ingredients like coconut to make it a little more mine. She did a great job, it will be good however you end up making it….


Wear Sunscreen

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This piece has resonated with me for years and has had a subconscious impact on my decisions. I sometimes listen to this just to bring me back to nostalgia. In life, there is a beginning, a middle and end, it’s how you fill that makes it worthwhile. The intention of this speech was to help guide new graduates or young…