BRAND RANT: AeroMexico – If you are flying to or travelling in Mexico, you might want to think twice before booking

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  This is my first really negative review but I’m just being honest in this #BrandRant because sharing my very negative and expensive experience might just help save you from having the same horrible experience and customer abuse that I had when attempting to travel with AeroMexico. I’m sharing it so at least it’s out there and others might not have…


Coconut Chia Seed Torta with Toasted Tapioca, Cashews, Coconut Flakes & Cinnamon Apple Almond

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I’m writing this while embarking on my Adventures in Brazil. I’m currently staying a small beach and surfer town in Itacare, I’m staying at Che Legarto, a very hip and happening hostel owned by Argentineans (with a name like Che, it’s no surprise). As a health conscious traveller, I practice what I preach and healthy living and food and nutrition…


Sweet Ginger Lemongrass Detox Tea

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Looking for to Something to Sip on? This is a Bitter Sweet Symphony of Detoxifying Goodness in your cup. In lieu of one of my recent posts on my facebook page, I shared a link to Healthy Holistic Living that discussed the benefits of ginger as a poweful ingredient to help kill cancer cells. I strongly believe that food is medicine and…


Lingerie Competition for the Fitness STAR Model Search November 7, 2015

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I recently competed at the Fitness STAR Model Search Competition in Toronto on November 7th, 2015. I will be sharing much more about this experience, my process, my training and my diet in other blog posts. However this one is dedicated to the fashion segment and lingerie category in which I competed in and placed 2nd. Which wasn’t at all…


One Fine Day in Hula Hoop Heaven

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Last Saturday I felt like I was up there in Hooping Heaven on Cloud 11, starting off the day with a private class with my biggest Hoop Inspiration Rachel Lust. If you don’t know who she is, check her out here. Anyway, a lot has changed in my life even since my last post. It always happens, which is why…


International Association for Health Coaches

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I am currently enrolled at the Integrative Institute of Nutrition and not far off from becoming a Certified Integrative Health Coach. This title is exclusive to graduates of IIN and is given because we learn and study the pros and cons of over 100 different dietary theories, learn to treat our body as a temple and also a bit of…


Why join the Million Mask March when you can dance with the Man in the Mask?

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Anonymous Zoukers – November 5th Tribute Alright, I just received this video on time… I filmed this A LONG time ago when I just started learning to dance lambazouk in Buenos Aires and just received the edited version today which I think is a great intro to start this blog. It’s full talent, passion and symbolism. The mask was no…


Suspendisse Molestie

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Numeric Style of Rating Display

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