Oreo Inspired SuperFood Smoothie

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Many people come to me and ask about high protein breakfasts that are plant based and one of my personal favourites is using chia seeds which is known for it’s super food properties and complete protein profile and it’s the little seed that could. So I say, Choo-choo-choo-choose Chia seeds!!! They do need to be soaked or ground in order…


5 surprising reasons Hula Hooping will Upgrade your Life

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Never underestimate the power of doing what you love or the importance of having fun. You never know where these things will lead or what they may inspire, and most importantly, how they will affect you on a vibrational level. I am a bit of a hula hoop addict, it has helped transform my life for the better, it becameΒ Β was…


How to raise your vibration – and why it’s so important

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We are energy. It’s that simple. We may see ourselves as solid beings, ‘real’ people living amongst ‘real’ things but all that we think, see, feel or share is just a conscious manifestation,Β when it comes down to the very nitty gritty of our existence, we are all just energy vibrating in this abundantly spacious universe. And most of the world…


A 10 Day Vipassana Retreat – For Purification of the Soul

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Just giving you a little heads up before I disappear off the grid for close to two weeks… so excuse me in advance for not posting! πŸ˜‡ I’m leaving Ubud and flying into Jakarta to then head to Bogor for a 10 day vipassana retreat. To those who don’t know, Vipassana aims to purify the mind of deep-rooted impurities such…


Free Flow Arts & Spirituality Festival in Cambodia

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“A 10 day international Fire Arts & Spirituality festival on a tropical island paradise.” Does that sound like heaven? It does to me! I heard about this upcoming festival from several people at Pai Circus School who were fellow flow artists and then I heard about it from my friend Mark Janssen who was a fire performer on Koh Phi…


Steamed Purple Sweet Potato and Cocoa Rolls

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Here in Thailand they still serve a lot of Chinese food, stuffed pastries and oddly enough, stuffed white bread with colourful filling – What’s inside, I do not know but I don’t want to try to find out. My friend likes them but I don’t dare to try them. I know the dangers of food colouring. Steamed buns are typically…


BRAND RANT: AeroMexico – If you are flying to or travelling in Mexico, you might want to think twice before booking

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  This is my first really negative review but I’m just being honest in thisΒ #BrandRant because sharing my very negative and expensive experience might just help save you from having the same horrible experience and customer abuse that I had when attempting to travel with AeroMexico. I’m sharing it so at least it’s out there and others might not have…


Coconut Chia Seed Torta with Toasted Tapioca, Cashews, Coconut Flakes & Cinnamon Apple Almond

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I’m writing this while embarking on my Adventures in Brazil. I’m currently staying a small beach and surfer town in Itacare, I’m staying at Che Legarto, a very hip and happening hostel owned by Argentineans (with a name like Che, it’s no surprise). As a health conscious traveller, I practice what I preach and healthy living and food and nutrition…


Sweet Ginger Lemongrass Detox Tea

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Looking for to Something to Sip on?Β This is a Bitter Sweet Symphony of Detoxifying Goodness in your cup. In lieu of one of my recent posts on my facebook page, I shared a link to Healthy Holistic Living that discussed the benefits of ginger as aΒ poweful ingredient to help kill cancer cells. I strongly believe that food is medicine and…