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Kindred Kitchens just got a face lift!

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So excited to announce that we have been working on the brand image of Kindred Kitchens, although we loved our last logo, it had to go. It did not represent the ‘hip’ factor of what we share with our members. So we revamped it from this… classical logo: to something a little more hipster, a little simpler… and something that…


Popular Mac & Cheese brands and their secret ingredients

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Phalates are hormone disrubters and carcinogens and are unlisted on the ingredients list in most popular macaroni and cheese products. Wonder what we would find if we tested more of these store bought convenient and processed food products? Hmmmm… Chemicals in Mac and Cheese: What You Need to Know


An ‘UBER’ quick way to find & hire credible photographers

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On countless occasions I’ve had people ask me to refer a photographer. I wish it were that easy, because I know a lot of photographers, and on top of that, I belong to several photography networks. Believe-it-or-not, that actually makes the whole selection process that much more difficult. Just because someone is (or claims to be) a professional photographer, doesn’t mean they are the right fit for…


66 Billionaires under 40 – Who cares?

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Did you know that according to Forbes there are 66 billionaires who are under 40? I hope those billionaires are doing something to help benefit the planet with all that money in their pockets. The world is drowning in debt. Who cares that our natural resources, land, trees, animals and fresh water are disappearing at the expense of those exploiting the…


The only constant is change – if your not happy, change your life

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Hello everybody, what a beautiful day today, it’s also #TransformationTuesday The only constant is change, that’s the one thing we really focus on when meditating in vipassana, we feel and accept the impermanence, even within ourselves and our physical bodies, our thoughts and our feelings. In our own journey, sometimes we’re ahead, sometimes we’re behind, but the important thing is…


PURE VEGAN (Heaven) in Chalong, Phuket

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In my travels I stumbled across a place called Chalong, Phuket when I came to visit my fitness fanatic friend, Cindy Bertanito and this place is definitely a niche, diamond in the rough, specializing in customized menus, gluten-free, high protein foods, gyms, muy thai and boxing studios and training centres and lots of other healthy stuff. The best part for…


Decode the Universe, let the numbers be your guide.

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It is written. The answers are in the stars. They are in the universe just waiting for you to discover them. With numerology, the signs laid before you by the universe will have more clarity. . Have you ever noticed it seems like there are some days were it seems everything goes right and you’re practically floating on a cloud…


‘No’ to Nestlé

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I recently just signed a petition against Nestlé via it’s not the first time I’ve done, nor will it be the last. NO more stealing, contaminating and selling Canadian water! Feel free to join the campaign It’s not new news that Nestlé was stealing Canadian fresh water. Now the latest rage is that they are not stealing it, but paying…


7 tips for Successful Events

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Hello dear readers, as an entrepreneur I can honestly tell you that having or going to events is an excellent way to inspire and be inspired, network and expand your business, your skill set and your opportunities. One of my entrepreneurial ventures is a creative communication and branding business, and this has given me the opportunity to work with and…


Subway is not the way to Good Health

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Misleading Branding misleads the public with their ‘Eat Fresh’ food campaign. It makes you question how fresh is ‘Fresh’ when most subs on the menu contain preservatives, GMOs, artificial colours, chemicals, refined sugars and more. It’s disgusting. Most subs have over 50 unlisted ingredients. A simple sandwich does not need fifty ingredients. It makes you wonder what are they putting…