This is my first really negative review but I’m just being honest in this #BrandRant because sharing my very negative and expensive experience might just help save you from having the same horrible experience and customer abuse that I had when attempting to travel with AeroMexico. I’m sharing it so at least it’s out there and others might not have to endure the same stress, hassle and expensive mistakes I made when trying to book with them. I cancelled my trip to Thailand for numerous reasons and I was talking to my father who I havne’t seen in over two years (since he moved to Mexico) and he was going through some major life changes and felt that he wanted to see me and I thought he could use my positive energy and support. So with the $650 I managed to get back from cancelling my flight which I booked through CheapOAir (I always book with them and highly recommend them) and used it to book a last minute flight to Mexico to see my dad for just over a week during February 2016.

Whenever I’m travelling and have a layover somewhere and I happen to have a friend that lives there, I always try to make plans to see them during a layover because if not, when else? I couldn’t get a hold of my friend Noel (who is a friend of mine from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition) he’s a fellow fitness fanatic, certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of the very successful Clinica del Fitness (Fitness Clinic). We had never actually met in person so he came down to pick me up and we went out for a delicious healthy lunch at a place called Origenes, which had a health food store attached to it. I ordered a delicious vegan crepe with a wrap made of spinach and two side salads. Click here to see a pic. 

Absolutely scrumptious, then we hung out in the little parkade across the street for a bit and headed back to the airport. I thought my flight was at 7:55 and I actually missed it because it was at 17:55 and to make matters worse my clock on my phone was off because it didn’t change when I switched time zones so I was completely thrown for a loop. I went to go to pass through customs and they told me I missed my flight completely. I was actually sick to my stomach.

My friend Noel had actually left, I sent him a message immediately and then went to talk to the airline to change my ticket. They looked and said the best they could offer me was some ridiculous price of $450 USD… They said there was nothing else available and I had to take first/business class. I obviously didn’t want to pay that because it was pretty much the same price as my return ticket but didn’t know what to do, I was super stressed and sent Noel a message to tell my dad what happened. Neither one of my cards worked while I was there. My bank card nor my visa. My visa I know had the money on it but I’m not going to lie, sometimes I get flagged because I’ve had identity theft in the past (long story and could very well be a post on it’s own) but anyway, aside from it being annoying it was dealt with and only occasionally bothers me with a hassle such as this. My bank card too, definitely had the money on it but for some reason their machine couldn’t connect to my bank, not my fault and I had just used it about ten minutes earlier. They had no phone for me to use to try to call either the bank or visa to sort out the issues so I went off to find a phone booth trying not to stress out. In Canada my cell phone provider is wind and it  doesn’t work outside of Canada, I’ve tried to purchase roaming packages but they just don’t seem to work. I don’t know… I kinda just gave up and settled for only using data but this was a time I really wished it did.

I found a phone booth and tried calling my bank and visa several times collect, nobody answered the numbers to call collect. My friend Noel was running around trying to find a place to send me money, not realizing that the amount was 450$ US and not pesos. That was the same price as flying from Toronto again with a different a That didn’t work either because it was too late (8:30 pm at this point) plus neither one of us had an account (apparently you can send money at convenience stores such as OXXO and 7 Eleven. I was using a sample internet connection available through the airport to communicate with my friend Noel but it was a dodgy connection and I kept getting kicked off, making the situation even more stressful. I told him it might just be cheaper to buy a ticket online and then I thought to myself that was my solution. I grabbed my computer, used my dads Mexican number to log in and use the trial internet session and frantically looked for a ticket from Cheap O Air from Mexico City to Guadalajara and found something for about $360 CDN including taxes. I got kicked off the internet and had to reconnect, I bought the ticket asap and sent it to my dad and realized that it was from Toronto to Mexico City then had an 18 hour layover (leaving the morning of the 14th) from Mexico City to Guadalajara. I was so upset that I wasted all that extra money because the actual cost of the flight would have been half of that, only $171 (which makes their story about nothing being available very suspicious and unlikely) but my ticket was non-refundable and I’d already paid for the entire trip TWICE so I just figured I’d stay one more day in Mexico and actually have a real visit with my friend and see a bit of Mexico.

Ooops, I booked the same trip twice. :(

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.09.05 PM



I made the most of it, and actually did have a lot of fun (click here for a silly video) but when I went to do my check-in later on (when I was supposed to be on my Mexico City layover) and I asked Noel to call for me. He did and Aero Mexico actually cancelled my ticket because I never flew out of Toronto, meanwhile they are the company that flew me there and pretty much screwed me by trying to charge me about 6 times more than the tickets worth for changes and charges in penalties. Ridiculous, then they in order to re-issue the flight I’d paid for and still had to take, I would have had to pay another $450.00 USD. Honestly, that is ridiculous, it’s dishonest and bad business conduct in my personal opinion and I’m sure anyone in my position would agree. I only want to deal with honest companies that don’t try to take advantage of their customers. Thankfully, my friend Noel found a flight that was less than 1000 pesos (less than $100 CDN) that flew out even earlier than my cancelled flight with AeroAmerica. I ended up flying with Volaris a Mexican airline that doesn’t include costs of food etc.. everything is separate which allows prices to be much cheaper than other airlines. It was a quick flight and I’m relieved that he found it. Anyway, long story short… you can fly with whomever you want, this was my experience with AeroMexico and I really don’t recommend based on their ‘protocol’ and very unforgiving customer service and their attempt to overcharge and under accommodate customers in need. I suggest you think twice before booking with AeroMexico and save yourself money and stress, or if you book with them, be sure to at least get insurance on your side. Protect your ASSets… 🙂

Also just found out that amongs tall this craziness and many mad and desperate attempts to connect to the internet in Mexico City, my facebook account was hacked to make matters worst. I’ve been apparently writing friends of mine requesting naked pics. The weirdest and worst part is I can’t see any of the messages from my end. Only when I receive a screen shot. Here’s one example…

hacked account

If you fly, fly high and I wish you safe and happy travels wherever you may go, I definitely will never once again book with AeroMexico

Blessings and Buen Viaje! Hopefully you don’t have to deal with all of these stupidities.