NYC in Brasil, 2015

Well I spent Christmas here in Brasil, and now it’s time to ring the New Year. I was speaking last night with a Brazilian and she filled me in a little bit about the New Year’s superstitions and traditions. One thing I already knew was that Brazilian tradition is to wear white, I planned for this before I left Toronto and I have a spiffy little outfit I’m putting together and will post about and share a picture later on after all is said and done, I still have to go out and buy some beads and make some awesome silver and white accessories but I’ll give you a hint. 😉 It’s a white Belly dance strapless bra and I was planning on wearing white underwear anyway (when in Brazil walking around in your underwear or Brazilian bikini is perfectly okay, I’m just embracing the culture in my own special way)…

Why White? As the symbol of peace and harmony it’s Brazilian tradition but not necessary. If you don’t want to wear white you can wear other symbolic colours instead, which are also symbolized by the colour of your chosen underwear. What I learned last night is that white is just for the outside… it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Isn’t that always the case? So as tradition has it, or so they say, there are 6 colours of underwear that help you bring more prosperity in the new year. Now that I know this, I might have to put a pair of underwear underneath my underwear… How Ironic, I already think I know what colour I’m going for but will tell you in my next post. In the meantime, here’s a little graphic to help make sense of this fun little Brazilian superstition/tradition.



In order of appearance this is what each colour supposedly represents in terms of bringing you prosperity.

Underwear colours for Brazilian New Year

PINK is for Luck in Love and for Harmony

RED is for Passion, Romance and Love

YELLOW is for Prosperity, Wealth and (Financial) Success

WHITE is for Peace, Harmony and Happiness

GREEN is for Life, Nature and Well-being

BLUE is for Good Health, Wellness & Tranquility

So it doesn’t really seem like you could go wrong anyway. Another interesting thing I learned is the Brazilian fixation with the number ‘7’ on the New Year’s Eve. Tradition has it that people are to meet on the beach at midnight and are supposed to jump 7 waves… (while wearing white, hmmm… I think someone was on to something trying to get all those beautiful Brazilian bom-boms soaking wet and transparent so you can see through them) haha but really this tradition roots back to Africa and was imported by the slaves many years ago in honours Yemanja, a Divinity (Orisha) who protects the seas and children and the number 7 is symbolic because 7 hops are used to open the roads. In order to make a fortune in the new year, you must never turn your back after making your offerings and tributes to the Goddess of the sea. 

What else can you do to make this a more financially prosperous year for you? Well the Brazilians advice is that if you suck on 7 pomegranate seeds right before the stroke of midnight (start on the countdown and suck away!!!) then save the leftover bits and keep them in a rolled sheet of paper that you store in your financial portfolio, savings or wallet along with your money and/or finances you’ll have guaranteed results (so they say)… To those of you who know me, know that I have a fruit phobia and was once tempted to buy a pomegranate because someone told me how juicy and delicious the seeds were but I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it. Tonight I will conquer this fear and I will suck down my pomegranate seeds (all lucky 7 of them) in 10 quick seconds during the countdown. Let the New Year Adventures with Food begin!

I also heard that 7 grapes is another practice of the Brazilian New Year’s superstition. Each grape is supposed to represent a wish and be eaten at midnight. I’ve heard variations of this… some say 3 grapes and you must be sitting down but based on the lucky number 7 and the fact that I would like to have more wishes, I’m sticking with 7.


That’s all for now, I’m melting here in Brazil. Time for some lunch, to go get my beads to make my New Year gear complete and thn some yoga in the setting sun before making my last healthy supper of the Year. I hope you have lots of love, prosperity, good health and tons of success in 2016 regardless of whatever colour your wearing. This is just a guide.

Love and Light,

Angela, beijos xx