On a quick trip back to Koh Phi Phi I did two freestyle fire shows last night with my fire spinning team/friends. First show was at Bayview Resort for a group of young travellers and then I went to Carlito’s Bar (which is where this firehooping video took place) which, in my honest opinion and the opinion of many others who’ve witnessed several many fireshows on the island, is the best bar to go to on the island when you want to see a real sit-down performance! I’m not saying that just because I’m lucky enough to be in the intro… β˜πŸ‘Œ I perform at other places too but I am so blessed to be on the same stage as these performers!

One of my fire prongs flew off my hoop while I was performing?! Haha Crazy! It was so fun last night after two weeks of not even hooping. I was a little rusty but I had a blast!
Went out with some friends to the party beach after and I actually had the.BEST.NIGHT.EVER!!! I was getting stopped on the street from people who recognized me and told me how much they enjoyed the show and. I was with some Canadaians and a Swedish girl then we ran into two Argentinean chicas who were extremely enthusiastic about getting me to perform. I did a little show at Slinky’s but they really didn’t have any kerosine left because it was so late in the evening. I went to a few other places, put on a show and lots of people got video. Hopefully someone remembers to send it to me.

So happy I came back to this place! πŸ”₯πŸ’«πŸ™† I didn’t really bring any clothes here with me, but I will stay one more night. I have to figure out what time my boat leaves again tomorrow so I can come back to Chalong, hopefully before Cindy takes off to Bankok.