Wow, this has been one incredible year for me. So much change, growth, healing and personal development I can honestly say I am stronger, more courageous and have healed my inner child and have myself to thank but I also have to thank all of you. So many people have come into my life and touched me in some sort of way… we all (whether we are conscious of it or not) have an impact on everyone we meet. I am anxiously awaiting 2016, for all the opportunities, excitement and wonderful people I’ll meet.. I’m going to take a second for a moment of reflection because this past year, all of you and especially this trip (in particular) has revealed so much to me that I need to pay some respect before I’m ready to ring in this new year.

First of all, I am so grateful for all of the friends and inspiring people who I’ve met along the way. The opportunities I’ve had, the challenges I’ve faced and of course mistakes I’ve made. I realize that even the unwanted or painful experiences must be endured and they too are just an opportunity for something even better.

Things don’t always go as easy as planned or the way we want or expect them too but life is full of misunderstandings, miscommunications and more mistakes which are just a means for us to grow and learn from and if we don’t, we are forced to repeat them. Every mishap is a chance to change and become a better person than the one we were yesterday.

Love is the answer, and the more you love yourself the higher your vibration. Life is too short and precious for bad vibes, if someone doesn’t reciprocate with you either let them go or forgive them if they hurt you. Holding onto anger is only damaging to yourself. When you are free from feelings of negativity, then anything anyone does or says can’t hurt you in any way.

I sincerely hope that you have such an eye opening experience as I’ve had on this past trip. I hope that you follow your dreams, you listen to your heart and you don’t give in to others judgements or criticisms but live authentically. I hope this year brings you happiness, success in your desired career, and more importantly in love and good health. My goal for this year is to inspire others to a higher level of consciousness and self love but also a deeper connection so that we can form sustainable solutions for a cause much greater than ourselves.


Happy New Year, I’m sending love, blessings and best wishes from Brasil!

Besos, beijos and big ass hugs! Muah! xoox

Peace out. See y’all next year!

Angela Argentina