It’s simple math. It’s  a fact. It can be proven.

Therefore, I know for a fact that I’m just getting greater with age. (Maybe it has something to do with all that fine wine I’m drinking)… I’m 31 and I’m not afraid to admit it. Society’s ugly stereotypes about getting older, being single and or not being ‘normal’ do not affect me what-so-ever. In fact I’m over thirty, I’m flirty and I’m fabulous darling. I wouldn’t necessarily say I have more confidence now than I did back ten years ago when I was 21 (and officially legal all over the world, uh oh…) I definitely do have more experience than at 21 and THAT is nothing short of empowering. I’ve filled these past 10 years of my life with amazing experiences, travels all around the world, career exploration, learning and living a new language and in different cultures, following my dreams, exceeding expectations and meeting all sorts of inspiring souls. I ventured off the beaten path, and yes, I took a lot of risks;  it wasn’t always easy either but everything I’ve accumulated in terms of memories, experiences, networks and knowledge is irreplaceable and I would do it again in a heart beat.

I’ve accomplished many amazing things and as I reflect back on what I’ve done, I must say that if I died tomorrow, I’ve filled my 31 years with some amazing adventures. More than most people fit into an entire lifetime. I missed the New Year’s cusp for making my real resolutions but I’m using this as a new year opportunity for creat. One of which is to blog more. I have a lot to say but I’ve just found it hard to find the time, but I feel it is better to at least write a short post than nothing at all. Last night we celebrated my birthday in my apartment. I prepared a ton of food, some of which I will be sharing the recipes for on this blog this week. There, I just committed. Like I tell my coaching clients, making a change to your lifestyle (such as dedicating time to something) often requires taking little steps in the right direction. For me that would be two blog posts a week more than I’ve been doing.

Therefore, 2 > none. So in this case, I’m making a statement and declaring myself part of the equation. 😉

Last night at my birthday party we danced. I had several different groups of people come by and leave and in the end, it was just my zouker friends, they truly were the friends til the end. All I really wanted to do was dance so the evening worked out perfectly, for me at least… and I was the birthday girl so it was my call. We zouked, salsa’d and even dabbled in a bit of bachata until some time after 4 in the morning. To my delight my place was actually pretty clean when I woke up this morning. Overall I would say it was a success and I’ll be having more dance nights here in my pad. I have the most amazing view, an apartment big enough to dance in and what better way than to share it with people who have similar passions. I’ve realized dance helps free my spirit causing me to feel healthier, fulfilled and more balanced.  It is one of my primary foods, it is something that nourishes my soul even though I don’t eat it. I also have my hula hoop (I will be posting some more videos here soon) but it is something that brings me so much joy *There is a reason for this* but it really helps me find my happy place.

Everybody is different. A hula hoop will not have the same effect on everybody, but it can on many. I just wish the whole world found their favourite toy, their primary food (whatever it is that nourishes their soul) because this freedom of expression and enjoyment puts us in our happy space. The world would be a better place if we all found our happy place. Just 30 min of hula hooping a day has tremendous effects on my mood, my energy levels, my outlook and my creativity. It also creates and supports other healthier habits such as drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, eating smaller portions but eating more frequently and it also boosts my metabolism. I’m lucky that my primary food helps create such healthy habits, and I am hyperactive so if I don’t get my exercise I’m like a dog cooped up who REALLY needs to go for a walk.

Excess energy is good when you know how to channel it, expend it and accelerate from it. When excess energy is not released it can build up and create a lot of tension or negativity. This is something I’ve learned about myself and now that I’m 31 I’m making much more of a conscious effort to maintain by balance by accommodating my own individual needs. Self love is the most important love because we are inept to fully love another until we have come to love ourselves. So know I’m successful, I’m single and I’m in my 30s I have so much love to give, to my career, to the community, to myself and maybe one day, my partner but what’s so amazing about my life right now is that I’m living a life I love, one that I designed and the more I know thyself, the more I love myself and respect and trust myself. I am more committed to loving myself. This may sounds selfish but I assure it’s not. Self love is the most important love because you are not capable of fully loving others until you fully love yourself. So I’m gonna make sure to take myself out on a super hot date this month. A litter TLC especially for me.

I hope it’ll lead to something more… if not second base, maybe it’s just the second step <3