FY!Click here to listen to excellent tune to help you meditate. I personally love this one.

I listen to this track on YouTube either alone or under other music I’m listening too. Your mind is a subconscious labyrinth of energy and thought. I actually play this while I’m working but it is a great tool to help you fall into a deeper meditiation too.

Published on Mar 26, 2013

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Feed your brain with positive vibrations, these ones help focus and strengthen the mind… or control the mind, or even possibly… control the minds of other people.

Hahah… but really, who knows? It’s your brain, you call the shots on how you want to use it. One thing I did notice in this video is that they have the all-seeing eye and pyramid from the one dollar bill in part of the image sequence, which is normally associated with the illuminati. This makes me a little curious as to why?


With love from Toronto, Angela Argentina