10 Reasons Why Organic is Best

People often ask me what I think about buying organic and if it’s necessary. The more I learn about all the chemicals, processing and genetic modification that goes into our food, the stronger my opinion is on the matter. Yes, I think everything should be organic. At this point in time, it’s sad to say that are lost to the natural order of things. It is not easy to be healthy these days, it’s often more difficult to buy organic all the time because it’s not as accessible, convenient, or affordable. Some people just don’t really care, but they should. The best investment anybody can ever make is in their personal health. There are some items out there that claim to be organic because they use some organic ingredients but that is no guarantee. Organic is a healthy choice but look for ‘certified organic’ to ensure that it’s passed the strict standards of organic certification in Canada or in the U.S.

1. Food You Can Trust

Organic food is super quality than conventional or GMO. Although some test indicate that there is no substantial nutritional difference between organic and conventional which is a bit misleading because it doesn’t take into account all the harmful pesticides that remain on the food after it’s been harvested. People today contain many unnatural chemicals and toxins in their bodies, children are no exception however their developing bodies are often at a greater risk. Certified organic has passed approval and is the safer choice to reduce bodily chemical contamination.

2. Reduce Pollution

By reducing the use of chemicals through organic agriculture we produce less pollution to the environment: the water, air and earth that sustain us. Organic farming only uses 1/3 the fossil fuels that conventional farming requires.

3. Encourage Sustainable Solutions

Organic farmers have had to develop better farming practices that minimize the agricultural impact as well produce better soils and less pollution. By buying more organic foods, we encourage more organic farming to take place.

4. Nourish Nature

Other benefits of organic farming practices is it reduces pollution and conserves water and soil quality by not using the chemicals and nitrogen that seeps into the soil and actually helps nourish the soil, and improves the possibility for more nutritious crop yields in the future through enhanced biodiversity that builds richer soils.

and organic farming can actually help nourish the soil.

5. You’ll be healthier‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ but an apple doesn’t deserve all the credit. Nutritious and rich with antioxidants that boost your immune and help fight disease, organic food is the way to go. So eat your apples if you will, but don’t skip out on the veggies!

6. Support Small Farms

By offering new markets for local farmers, organic farming and agriculture supports smaller, privately or family owned farms.

7. Better Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the ‘spice of life’, also known as variety. Studies reveal that organic fields are more bio-diverse, with a greater mix of insects, birds and wild plants living together.

8. Organic is Growing

Although it’s often a bit more expensive, there is a growing number of organic alternatives in every food category, as more people choose organic, more demand is created and more organic is produced allowing prices to level out a bit as it becomes more widespread and available. As well, many non-food organic crops and products are also becoming more accessible and products such as organic cotton are being produced, despite experts previous belief that it wasn’t possible. Anything the mind believes it can achieve, all it takes is someone with a little passion to push against the grain (and go organic)!

9. Reduce Global Warming

Nutrition Digest states that organic farming and agriculture could be one of the most powerful way to prevent global warming.  It states “The earth’s 5 billion acres of degraded soils are particularly low in carbon and in need of carbon-restorative vegetative cover. Increasing degraded soils’s carbon content at plausible rates could absorb about as much carbon as all human activity emits.2′

For more information and statistics click here.

10. Guilt-Free Investment

Investing in your health and the environment is money well spent. Although organic is a little more pricey that price is a true reflection of the cost of production. Rather than focus on the cost, focus on the quality and practice and let it bring you better piece of mind that you are eating food from someone who cares about the health of their customers and practices good business ethics. Feel good about your food choices and remember to enjoy each bite and chew thoughtfully and thoroughly to improve your organic eating experience. Sometimes it’s not just a matter of what we eat, but how we eat that affects our health and digestion.

So there are a few reasons to buy organic, but of course there are always more. By choosing certified organic we can enhance our health and also the environment. We need to create a healthy future for the following generation, and organic is definitely a step in the right direction. For information on Organic Foods in Ontario contact info@organiccouncil.ca